Cathy Smith

Cathy is the glue of our ministry team! She leads large portions of our ministry at Calvary, and functions very much as a second chair leader on our team. She oversees all of our financial systems for the church, the school, Human Resources & Payroll and support staff. She also handles all scheduling and building use, security systems, computer systems, and marketing efforts. She has oversight to the school and facility teams along with our Mission’s and First Touch Team. She serves as a small group leader in our teen ministry, co-leads an adult small group with her husband, and generally picks up the slack wherever she identifies a need.

Cathy is married to Gordon, and they have two beautiful daughters. She is deeply committed to her faith, her family, and her friends. She is an indispensable part of our ministry team – because we know that we can always depend on her to “stay the course” and “keep her cool” regardless of what obstacles we may find in our path.