Special Needs Ministry

Please make sure to fill out the Participant Intake Form so that we know you are here! This helps us get to know you and your participant and know how we can best serve you!

Need to Know

Please make sure to fill out the Participant Intake Form (listed on this page) so that we know you are here! This helps us get to know you and your participant and know how we can best serve you!

At this time, this ministry is only equipped to serve participants the ages of 5 - 15 years old.

For any special needs ministry event, you must register for the event. This helps us make sure we have enough resources and volunteers for each participants. If you are new to the ministry, you also must fill out the participant intake form.

We desire to meet the unique needs of individuals and families impacted by disability and help them become who God created them to be.

If you would like more information about our ministry, check out the information below. If you have any more questions, contact hannah@calvarychristian.net.

Currently Offering

At this time, we are 100% parent involvement ministry. This means that we will need you to accompany your child on Sunday morning in the sensory room, as well as possible events (each event it will be clarified on if you will need to accompany your child or not).

Sensory Room: The Sensory Room is located next to the Discovery Zone and will be open during both Sunday services.
During the 9am service, the Sensory Room is not manned, so a family member will need to be with your participant to utilize the room.
During the 10:45am service, the Sensory Room will be open with the service being streamed. There will also be 1 volunteer in the room to accompany you and your participant. During this time they will lead you through a couple of Bible activities. A family member will still need to be with the participant during this service, since we are still working on getting a larger rotation of volunteers.

Ministry Events: All ministry events will coincide with Discovery Zone events. We are working alongside the kids ministry and their events to make sure we are setting up an inclusive environment, as well as have a separate area (the sensory room) with sensory friendly activities for our participants to choose from.
All events it will be mandatory to sign up, as well as fill out a participant intake form (if you have not already) in order to take part. By doing this, it allows us to make sure we have enough volunteers, as well as make sure we are able to meet all of your participant's needs.

What We Are Working On

Our main focus right now is building a larger volunteer base. When we have more volunteers, we will be able to make sure that all of our participants have a volunteer with them on Sunday mornings as well as at each event.
This will also help us move the ministry into its next phase which is being able to man the Sensory Room during both Sunday services, as well as being able to drop off your participant with a trained volunteer during Sunday Service.


How do I volunteer?

Please fill out the volunteer interest form below!

How do I find out how to participate in the ministry?

Fill out the participant intake  form below. If you have any further questions, contact hannah@calvarychristian.net.

Volunteer Interest Form

Participant Intake Form

Why Are We Doing This?

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Upcoming Events

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Policies and Procedures

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