about us

Our Mission

Everything that we do is driven by the “one thing” that we believe God has called us to do… To Help People Fully Become Who God Created Them to Be!





Our Structure

Jesus – Our Head

The head of the church is Jesus. He gave His life for us. He is in charge, we belong to Him. He and He alone has the right to determine what is right for His church.

Elder Governed & Protected

The Bible calls for the church to be led by a plurality of Elders. We are governed by an Eldership Team. These Elders are men who have been selected and set aside by the congregation. These are spiritually minded men who are expected to do the hard work of discerning the Lord’s will for our church and then courageously leading us in that direction. The Eldership Team governs all the affairs of the church, and is the final human authority in all matters.

Staff Led

The size and complexity of our ministries means that we need a paid team of Pastors and Staff to oversee our daily activities. The Elders delegate a great deal of decision making authority and responsiblity to the Senior Pastor, who in turn, delegates the same to members of the staff team. Our Senior Pastor is the only staff member that reports directly to the Elders. All other staff members report either directly or indirectly thru the Senior Pastor. The staff carry out the daily affairs of the church – within the guidelines that have already been established by the Elders.